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Jamb Mock Chemistry Questions For 2017 Utme

olanrewaju(m) Says (05:52pm On 5 May) (252 Views)
A candidates says
1. Which of the following is the shape of methane,

(A) linear

b) octerhedral

c) tetrahedral

d) angular

2. Which of the following belong to some homologous series


B) C3H6

C) C4H10

D) C6H12

3. ethene is produce by what process,

4. Fasch process is use to extract what ??

5. Magnetite is the ore of what

6. In the following diagram which of the following represent ideal gas

7. The reaction between ethanol and ethanoic acid is

8. Geometric isomer exhibit the following property

A) same physical property different chemicall property

B) same physical ppt same chemicall ppt

C) different chemicall different phys


9. Calculation under general gas equations

10. Calculation under empirical formula

A candidate says
1. Gas law
2. Organic chemistry
3. Hydrocarbons
4. Oxidation and reduction
5. Electrolysis
6. Chemical combinations

But much question came from ORGANIC CHEMISTRY.
And also pratise your past-question very well.

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